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12-Week Flower Subscription

Fresh flower lovers will take great joy in a weekly bouquet.  These bouquets have about 20% more blooms than our standard market bunches. They will contain the best of our seasonal selections. We are a number of subscription options:

Bouquet Subscription - You pick up a fresh wrapped flower bouquet once a week from our farmers market stand or other pre-arranged pick-up location. 12-week Subscription - $250.00 / Half Subscription - $125.00

Business Subscription - We deliver to you! Weekly arrangements delivered to your work or home. 12-week Subscription - $300

Watch our website for weekly pick-up locations Week CSA Membership - $250/$300

*Note that the 12 week subscription consists of our best weeks of blooms. There may be some “in between” weeks when there is no bouquet offered. We generally begin in May with tulips and daffodils. There may be a break before peonies at the beginning of June and another break before blooms continue in July through in September. Seasonality can be a fickle thing in Colorado so we will email members with pick up announcements. You can also watch our website for weekly pick-up announcements.